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Diane gives me incentive and space to process life in a circle of trust. Nothing is too silly, too raw, too hidden or sad to write. I've been writing under her skillful facilitating for six years, dug deeply, gained inner clarity and become a better writer. The coup de grace is that it's so much fun! I've come to know my fellow writers by the hidden layers where they live and breath. It's a great privilege.        

Joady Perrett 


In Diane's Guided Autobiography class, I explored corners and angles of my life's journey through the lens she offered. The stories ranged from family dynamics to mystical experiences, vocational challenges to honoring one's body. One even got published!
As a master teacher, Diane inspires, challenges, and listens to the stories her students bring with great tenderness. Her creativity and laughter is infectious. Being in one of Diane's writing classes infuses life with great joy.
Karen L. Jackson, Ed.D. Connecting Role and Soul
Retreat Leader, Teacher & Facilitator

Diane's class is not only informative, it inspires me to write in an extremely personal way. The group is a safe haven for sharing, self exploration and is considerably cheaper than therapy.                                                  
Henry Felt                                                   

I came to Diane’s class as a 30-year veteran of corporate marketing who wrote copy for a living that was dry as dust. What I’ve found under her tutelage has been nothing short of life-changing for me: a passionate, poignant, creative voice I never knew I had.
Nancy Keswani