Courtship Stories

I love the love stories; how people first meet and find their way to each other.  I met Paul when the Hendersonville Community Co-op first opened its deli on Dec. 11th, 1999.  I know that because we stood next to each other at the kiosk filling out forms to be eligible to win prizes.  I was aware of Paul because he was taller than I am.  I am six feet.  I paid attention.

He turned to me and said "Do you think I'd be eligible for more prizes if I had kids or pets?".  I said, "Get a dog".  Paul was tall and playful.  I was aware of his presence as I shopped.  I ran into a friend and we sang some carole on aisle 4.  I was really singing to the tall man. 

When I went to leave the co-op, I saw that he was no longer in the deli.  Too bad.  I drove off and as I passed Barnwell's, I saw him walking on the side of the road.  He didn't walk like someone who had to because of a DWI.  His posture was elegant.  I passed him by and felt such a strong sense to turn around, which I did.

I pulled up next to him and rolled down my window and looked at him.  I had no idea what to say.  A moment is pretty loaded when you pull up in front of someone and engage them and don't say anything.  I finally did say, "You're a pedestrian".  It just came out.  He introduced himself.  "I'm Paul, the pedestrian."  I asked him out right then and there and the story continues.  It's a good one.